Website objective

What is this website about?

• This is my personal website which contains my personal information that I would like to share with you about and it also serves as a platform to update my ‘status’ through this e-profile

What is this site for?

•  I hope that through this website you will get to know a little more about me because I will be sharing information about myself and my personality, what I hope for in the future, my education background as well as some important people and events that I regard as a big part of my life. I will also feature some photos that I find meaningful which will help you in getting to know me better.

Who are the users that I am targeting?

• There is no intended target audience for my website as this site is for anyone is interested and wants to know more about me. As for those who would like to get into contact with me personally, you can fill up the form and I may contact you.